• Predictive data-mining & goal optimization for Business, Life sciences and Genomics.
  • Reduces high dimensional problems to low dimensional solutions.
  • Simplifying complexity.
  • Say goodbye to regression, you are unlikely to need it again.

TheGmax is available in two styles, Bio and DM

The Bio edition

The Bio edition is designed for scientists and clinicians. Some common applications include:


  • Differential imaging
  • Signal analysis


  • Stellar classification

Behavioural science

  • Psychological profiling
  • Psychometric testing
  • Paternity cases


  • (see below)

BIO INFORMATICS: here is a small selection of difficult data mining problems for which the Bio version is the ideal informatics solution.

Functional Genomics & Metabolomics

  • Sequence information on proteins or nucleic acids
  • Expression profiling of RNA, proteins or metabolites
  • Microarray design and analysis


  • Study of intracellular events and pathways
  • Secondary screening / ADME / Toxicity studies

Activity of a sequence or as a motif or promoter

  • Toxicity / activity of test drug towards an individual
  • QSAR – Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship
  • Potency or binding efficiency of a molecule in an assay

Strain selection

  • To maximise yields of micro-organisms and crops


  • Predictive medicine
  • Prognostics and diagnostics
  • Presence or likelihood of a disease
  • Susceptibility / risk analysis to genetic disorder/disease
  • Prenatal and neonatal screening
  • Paternity cases


  • Spectroscopic or chromatographic data analysis
  • Assay design optimisation
  • Homogeneous assay interference analysis & correction

The DM edition

The DM edition is designed for marketing and commerce. Some common uses are:


  • Media modelling
  • Campaign effectiveness


  • Credit scoring
  • Customer value modelling

Customer Relation Management

  • Prospect identification
  • Churn reduction
  • Attrition / Defection / Loyalty models
  • Lifetime value
  • Cross-sell

Direct Marketing

  • Response maximisation
  • Profit maximisation
  • Prospect scoring


  • Law enforcement
  • Anti terrorism efforts
  • Criminal profiling
  • Profiling tax cheats
  • Swing voters

Health care

  • Hospital administration
  • Resource allocation


  • Reducing staff turnover


  • List maintenance
  • Up-sell


  • RFM modelling